Information for participants

Most information and the Facebook page is in Swedish. But don’t worry. We add more and more information in English and you are always welcome to send your question to On race day you will find that almost everyone speak English. Please find more on Questions & answers.

This information is updated July 2024.

Date and time

The races start on Saturday:

Marathon runners are welcome to run or walk until 17:00 (7 hours). However, please note that service will be limited from 16:00.

Registration and fees

Registrate at Worlds marathons. It is generally possible to register on race day, but there is an additional fee of 100 SEK.

Changes and refunds

You can change distance to a shorter one for free and swap names for free.  Change to longer distance by paying an additional fee.

You should feel safe about running our race. If you cannot travel or feel any symptoms you can:
– Until two weeks before the race: Get your money back, minus SEK 50 (about 5 €) for handling.
– Until three days before: Get your money back minus SEK 150 (about 15 €)
– Until one day before: Cancel and keep your ticket to the next year (no cost).

Getting your race number and Hydrapouch

Uppsala central station

The on-boarding process to the race is easy. The best way is to collect your race number (bib) the two days before the race. There is no bag with give-aways, you get the race number, four safety pins and an Hydrapouch (a silikon multi-use mug, if you don’t have your own).

So your best option is to visit Resecentrum (Uppsala central station) on Thursday  or Friday before the race between 11:00-19:00. We have a stand just outside. Link to Google maps. Please observe that this is on the west side of the tracks. (The bus on race day leaves on the east side).

Another option is just to show up in Fjällnora at least half an hour before and we will give you your race number and Hydrapouch.
Please bear in mind that it might be cues and busy, so please be patient.


The first six years we have experience temperatures ranging from +17 to +28° C. A short shower of rain one year, otherwise sunny or cloudy.  One exception was 2022 when there was an intensive rain in the afternoon. The water temperature has been a pleasant +19-24° C.

Getting here

Fjällnora is located 15 km east of Uppsala. Uppsala is easily reached with train from Arlanda airport (20 minutes) or Stockholm (40 minutes). On race day, you can use our free bus service from Uppsala or go by car.  There is also the bus 809 or 810 – however, please observe that the bus stop is 3 km away from Fjällnora (transfer is possible to arrange). The old steam train Lennakatten is best for friends watching you finish since the first train is to late for runners.Buses 2022

We arrange free direct buses from Uppsala central station on race day. Please check further information the weeks before the race.

If you choose going here by car, it is very easy. Uppsala is located along the E4 highway. Exit the highway to road 282. After about 10 km on road 282, turn right at the sign Fjällnora. Another 3 km and you will arrive to Fjällnora with lots of parking lots.

Those of you staying in the neighbourhood could come here by bicycle, rowing boat or on foot.

Where to stay

It is possible to stay in a hotel in Stockholm, and arrive in the morning, but we recommend to find a place nearer. Uppsala have plenty of alternatives from luxurious hotels to cheap stays. There are however some nice alternatives around the lakes:

Fjällnora have some cottages right beside the start and a camping ground, you will find some Air-bnb:s in the neighbourhood. Odalgården is a small guesthouse on the opposite side of the lake Trehörningen. A nice option is to ask for a rowing boat or a bike to come here.

Luggage, children and dogs…

Your are welcome to store bags and luggage in the start area in one of our tents.

We can arrange child care for a limited number of children, please contact us in advance.

Dogs are allowed in the area and along the course. If you are disturbed by dogs or if you want to bring your dog, please contact us and we will do our best to avoid problems.

Photography and privacy policy

As a registered participant your will be displayed in the result list and is available to the staff (including the speaker) of the race.  A photographer may take your picture and make it available after the race. If you don’t accept this, please contact us at and we will hide your name or erase pictures taken as you wish. Your name and result will be stored as a part of the race’s history. Information given at registration at the World’s Marathon web site will be treated according to their privacy policy.

Please note, we have no insurance covered

We do not provide any insurances for you. All participation is on your own risk. The four distances are relatively safe. The distances 10, 21, 42 km cross the museum railroad “Lennakatten”. Although the train is not fast, it cannot stop in short notice. The marathon cross road 282, where extra caution is needed. A guard will be placed there to assist.

All distances are well marked, but it is possible to loose your way. A smartphone with GPS can become handy. We are happy to get all responses on how to improve the event.