Privacy policy and GDPR

As a registered participant your name and other personal data is handled by our organisation (Föreningen 6 sjöar) and the services we use to run the race. We do not sell or transfer personal data to external partners for commercial use. We have set up a system that minimize the data handled and yet give you full support. You are always free to contact us to erase or change your personal data, by mailing Our data protection officer (dataskyddsombud) is the same person as the president of the Föreningen 6 sjöar.

Our organisation and our volunteers have access to much information from the moment you register until the race is finished (such as your name, country of origin, e-mail-adress, phone number, age and special needs). After the race we minimize the information stored, so we don’t keep any information ourselves if not otherwise agreed. Instead, we rely on the following on-line services. This makes it safe for you and you can choose to opt out (for instance the news letter).

Please observe that your name, country of origin and race number will be displayed in the result list and is available to the staff (including the speaker) of the race.  If you don’t accept this, please contact us at and we will hide your name or erase pictures taken as you wish. Your name and result will be stored as a part of the race’s history, we know that most people like this service.

We use the company Neptron for time keeping. They have access to your name, age, sex and country of origin – and of course your result. The result will be available from through a link to Read more about Neptron and how they handle your data.

Please observe that a photographer may take your picture and make it available on the web page and in social media after the race. If you don’t accept this, please contact us at and we will hide your name or erase pictures taken as you wish. The copyright of the image belongs to the photographer, but you have the right to use the image on yourself as you wish.

Information given at registration at the World’s Marathon web site will be treated according to their privacy policy. Please note that we (föreningen 6 sjöar) by legal reasons have to keep some information of your payment (such as as name, contact adress, country, sum, date of purchase) for book-keeping and tax rules.

Our newsletter is a separate service provided by MailChimp. As a participant you will be added to get necessary information for the race and can choose to opt out if you wish. You can also choose to register for the newsletter without partivcipate. Please read about MailChimp and their legal policies.