Is it OK to speak English?

Yes. Around 15 minutes before each start there will be a short pre-race information in English. Almost everybody in the staff speaks English.

Asphalt, gravel or track?

It’s a mix. There are no mountains, but small hills.  The shortest  course (5.5 km) is mainly forest, the others are dominated by gravel with some asphalt and track.

Medals, diplomas, T-shirts and prize money?

All finishers get a small, but shiny medal “6 Sjöar”. We are environmental concerned, so there is more focus on running than merchandise. You will find personal diplomas as PDF on your result page to be printed. T-shirts are available to buy on site or afterwards by mail.

How does the Hydrapouch work?

Everybody who wants receive a smart multi-use silicon cup, a “HydraPouch®” – please re-use if you have got one already. You just refill it in the aid station and drink. You can drink as you run, byt please note – it is not a bottle. Read more on


Timekeeping is carried out by Racetimer. On your bib number there is a tiny disposable chip. Time is automatically registered as you cross the finish line and immediately available on the results page.

Can I change distance?

Yes, just send a message to If you change late (the last day) your result may not show in the lists. If you choose a loger distance you will pay the additional cost.

Aid station, how often?

About every third kilometer. At the 5 km course that means just one aid station, on the marathon there will be 13. . Here is a map of all aid stations.

What sport drink and nutrition?

You will find water, sports drink, fruit, sweets. On the longer distances there are energy bars, Coca-cola, and coffe at the end of the race. We use Mighty Sport. More information on their web page.

Can I bring my dog?

A few dogs are allowed. Please contact if you pan to bring a dog or if you are disturbed by dogs. We will keep a dialogue to avoid problems.

Who organizes?

The non-governmental organisation 6 sjöar takes care of the race. The only aim is to organize the event. So, revenues will be used to organise next year’s event.

Last day of entry?

The cost raise with SEK 50 on August 1, and another SEK 50 on the last days – depending of the number of participants. The most popular distance is 21 km, we might close registration the last few days. Please contact us if  registration is closed. We are always happy to help foreign guests.

I’m sloooow. Am I welcome to walk?!

Yes! 5.5 and 10.5 km is possible to walk all the way. The longer distances are possible to walk half the distance at least.

Maximum time?

No hurry. Around 16:00 the last aid stations will close. But we will keep som service open until last person finishes. The previous years the last runner came in around 17:00 (7 hours for the marathon). If you plan to run slower than 6 hours for the marathon, please tell us beforehand.

How about elite runners?

You are welcome, but please note: No prize money and no special medals!

Changing distance?

Send us an mail a few days ahead. You may change later, but we cannot guarantee that your time will be recorded correctly.

Can I get lost?

The routes are well marked with ribbons and signs, so don’t worry. On the two shorter ones you will encircle just one lake.  For the marathon and half marathon, you may like to have a look on the map – we will provide you with one. Bring a mobile phone just in case.

Shower and change?

Fjällnora is a popular beach in summer. We recommend a swim instead of a shower (please tell us if you need a hot shower, it is possible but is provided as an extra service). There are changing rooms by the beach.

Is the café open?

It is open daily 10:00-16:00. We discuss with Fjällnora to have it open 09:00-17:00 on race day.

When shall I be there?

You can collect you bib number either in Uppsala the days before (outside the Central station, Thursday and Friday 10:00-19:00) or on site at least 30 minutes before.


Yes, you can store your luggage in the start area.

Child care?

It is possible to arrange, please mailto:info@6sjoar . Depending on the child’s age etc we may charge a sum.

How to I get to Fjällnora?

We provide a free direct bus from Uppsala. Or you can go with your own car. Or bike, walk, run or by boat from Marielund. Please note that the regular bus from Uppsala, 809, stops about 3 km from Fjällnora. It is actually possible to take the steam train combined with their bus to Fjällnora, but it will be too late for participants.